Designed for self-training to create a new type of thinking; to make the right decisions in any situation; to improve, restore and maintain mental and physical health
in a state of active creativity within all lifetime; i.e. to live a happy life!

Will allow you to independently resolve an unlimited range of tasks in your personal and social life, and to also strengthen and maintain mental and physical health.

You may train at any place or time that is suitable for you – no need to enter an altered state of mind: trance, meditation, etc. You may pause and resume any session at any time.

You set your goals entirely on your own – without “guiding” suggestions or advice from others. To get started, no special knowledge or skills are required. Just read a short guide.

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1. Unique

This is precisely the model that for the first time ever joined together the wisdom of the I-Ching and the Enneagram. The unique power of the model lies in the newest approach to view, study and combine modern scientific concepts and ancient knowledge, adapted to the perception of any individual (and not only to a selective few) in order to provide equal opportunity to get practical outcomes.

2. Simple

The EIC Model features a set of 64 informative cards.
Each card is a unique pattern-model of the corresponding I-Ching hexagram.
One card serves as the universal model-standard for: any task; state of mind; psycho-physiological, emotional state, etc. All the rest – are distortions.
Using pattern-model, you find both: the reason and the way to solve problem. The EIC model also presents a unique algorithm of coherent transition paths from any situation to the model-standard, as in real life it is not enough only to find a solution to the situation itself. Maximum number of cards in a transition chain – 7. Min – 2. To start using the model, no prior knowledge or skills are required.

3. Universal

The range of tasks, that can be solved using the model, are unlimited.
They can be from any sphere of life: to improve relationships, pass exam, driving test or job interview, get rid of fears, old painful memories, sharp headaches or depression. And much more!
Using the model, your session lasts 20 minutes – exactly the time necessary in order to spread information throughout the system, we usually call “mind-body”.

4. Practice vs Philosophy

Instead of high-sounding quotes about individuation, we offer easy and effective tool, that allows you build a solid foundation in order to become a self-actualized person, which means to realize your fullest potential and live in accordance with your true authentic self. Why? To live a happy life!

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