EIC Model Digital Version Subscription Plans and Pricing

Choose a subscription plan and start using the model on your personal computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone!
You get support from club team via email until your membership expiry date.

We are contributing to the cessation of further distribution of Covid-19 worldwide, reducing the cost of all subscriptions by 75%.

Staying at home and using this model, at any time, you can independently, that is without the help of a psychologist, bring back your normal perception of the world; correct the mood; relieve stress, anxiety, fear, helplessness, feel good again being able to make the right decisions.
Offer valid until August 31, 2020

  • Try Out

    €1.45/ 14 days

    Check The Model

    Team help until expiry date:
    Team help until expiry date
  • Get Started

    €4.25/ 3 months

    Good Choice

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  • Professional

    €10.50/ 12 months

    For Psychologists, Coaches

    Team help until expiry date:

Frequently Asked Questions

About Digital Version of the Enneagram – I Ching Model.
Note: To see Frequently Asked Questions about Printed Version of the EIC Model, please click here

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