Presentation and Master Class

The “Enneagram – I Ching” Model [Only for Users of the Printed Cards Set Version]

Presentation and Master Class
Due to “Corona” are NOT conducted in the Enneagram Club office but via Skype ONLY in the Russian or in English for group up to 4 persons (as English is not my native language).
If you do not speak Russian, or you can’t participate in master-classes for any reason, you may purchase the EIC model Master Class Transcripts in English.

1. Presentation – free of charge. Duration – 45 minutes.
2. Master Class – paid. Two lessons of three astronomical hours each.

Pre-registaration (group or individual) to participate in Presentation and Master Class is required.
To register, it is enough to send us an e-mail Contact Information

What is this Master Class about
How to use the “Enneagram – I Ching” model.

For whom is Master Class intended
For Users of the “Enneagram – I Ching” Model [Printed Cards Set Version Only] .


First Part

Model creation history.
Model structure.

1. ‎How to set the goals for an individual session.
‎2. About Wen-Wang hexagrams order.
3. ‎‎How to build the card chains for an individual session.
4. How to look through the charts in the cards.

Second Part

In order to start effectively solve various life problems, we should first normalize our own mental and physiological state; perceptual systems.‎
To do this, we offer to pass through 5 initial stages.‎

The Most Important Note or What is the Main Goal that You Achieve Using the Model.

All those who have passed all the initial stages, change their information matrix of thinking – change the type of thinking, previously trained to create problem situations, to a new one, which now functions in any situation as in card #1, since this type of thinking reflects full awareness and thus creates only favorable situations.

‎1. Practice with your name. ‎
‎2. Practice with father’s negative ancestral programs.‎
‎3. Practice with mother’s negative ancestral programs.‎
‎4. Practice with gender roles: father, son, husband, wife, daughter, mother and their relations.‎
‎5. Practice with perception systems.‎

Third Part

The third part is offered only to those who changed their type of thinking, i.e. successfully passed 5 initial stages. As one who still perceives the world in a distorted way cannot help either himself or another person.

About the “Non-contact spine correction method”.

1. How to use the EIC model for spine correction (your own and of another person).
2. How to use the EIC model to bring the (connotative – the way you interpret) meaning of words to normal via Gematria, their numerical values.

Additional Information

Model users receive transcripts by email in PDF format, including the Forth Part of the Master Class – detailed description how to set the goals to solve any life issue.
If you do not want to take part in the master class, you can purchase the EIC Model Card Set and buy Master Class Transcripts, which describe in detail how to use the model.

Anyway, you can ask questions via email. We’ll be glad to answer them.
User support is not limited in time.

Purchasing the EIC Model Card Set in Our Club you become a member of the “Enneagram – I Ching Club” automatically.

You get Club Member Name and Individual Password to login Enneagram Club Website

As a Club Member:

You get free access to the “User Library” section and to all products updates you have purchased.
At your request, you will receive Club Master Class Schedule, notification of new products releases and updates.

Where Master Classes are Conducted

1. In the Enneagram Club office in Burgas Note: Currently (Dec 2020 and Jan 31, 2021),”tet-a-tet” classes are suspended. However, Master Classes are regularly held via Skype.
2. Outside Burgas. As a rule, at the invitation of the group organizer. More about the terms, please read below. Note: Currently (Dec 2020 and Jan 31, 2021),”tet-a-tet” classes are suspended.

Master class in club office in Burgas

1. Presentation
2. Break (30 minutes) to purchase the printed version of the model and participation in the master-classes.
3. Master Class for the “Enneagram – I Ching” model users.

Master class via Skype

1. Presentation.
2. Break in time. Participants who decided to use the model and take part in the master class, pay via PayPal for the EIC model Card Set and their participation in the Master classes.
3. After that we send the “Enneagram – I Ching” model Card Set to Your Postal Address.
Attention please! If you purchase a printed version of the EIC model and pay for participation in the master classes, you do not need to buy transcripts of the master class – we’ll send them in PDF format to your email for free.
4. Master-class is held once a coach has received notifications that the EIC model Cards Set was successfully delivered to each participant.

Conditions for Master class outside Burgas

Group Organizer Provides:
Coach travel from Burgas and back.
Hotel accommodation and meals.
Coach delivery from the hotel to the place where master-class is held and back to the hotel.

Price of the Master Class

In Burgas office [tet-a-tet] – €100,00 [for one person]
Via Skype – €100,00 for one person or €200,00 [total for up to four persons, i.e. €50,00 for each]

Payment Methods:

Via PayPal (full price)
Direct Bank Transfer (full price)
Cash in office (full price)
Please note: We do not accept credit cards in our office.

Master Class is held by:

Trainer Vladislav Troshin – co-author of the EIC model, psychologist.
Assistant Svetlana Troshin – head of the Human Development Center “Matrix”, certified master of non-contact diagnostics and correction of spine.

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