User Manual - Printed Cards Set Version

How to use the Printed Cards Set of the ‘Enneagram – I Ching’ Model


How to set goals and build a chain of cards for individual session.
How to view charts in the cards.

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The I Ching or the Canon of Changes in the “Enneagram – I Ching” model is used as the universal model of world perception and algorithm of all possible changes taking place in the universe, state, society life and that of the individual.

The I-Ching hexagrams for the first time ever in this very model are considered as the pattern-models of psycho-physiological states that shape human behavior in all possible life situations. As for the hexagrams lines, they are considered in the model to be the two integral parts of behavior: conscious and unconscious.

There are 64 hexagrams in the I-Ching.
The “Enneagram – I Ching” model Printed Version features a set of 64 informative cards.
Each of the 64 cards is a unique model of the corresponding I Ching hexagram, which allows not only to find the cause of a particular situation, but the way to solve it – a way out of the situation, displayed explicitly in each card-model.

  • One card is the basic model standard.
  • The rest 63 cards are patterns of all possible standard model distortion.

At the same time the basic model standard card serves as the universal standard for: any task; state of consciousness; psycho-physiological or emotional state, etc.

But in real life, to find only the reason, caused this or that situation and even get out of it, is not enough – SINCE AFTER ALMOST ANY SITUATION we inevitably create and move into a new, often unpredictable and therefore not always favorable.
It may take a lifetime to search causes and ways out of even one of the adverse situation, not mentioning a few transitions from one unfavorable situation into the same next. To proof this, a life experience of a sufficiently large number of people may serve.

In the “Enneagram – I Ching” model this is the “Wen Wang arrangement of the 64 hexagrams” which SOLVES THIS PROBLEM, being used as ALGORITHM for the shortest transition paths (making up cards chains) from any situation to the favorable one (model standard). Read details below.

How to set goals and build a chain of cards for individual session..

The first method.

  • Tune in to the topic of interest or put your real-life question involving a problem you are facing right at this moment: “My relationship with (name of person)”, “I’m scared of getting sick (name of disease)”, “I’m still ashamed of (act from the past, feeling).” – this is the goal setting process.
  • Shuffle the cards and choose a random one.
  • Build the cards chain (how to, see annex of the second part of the master-class).
  • Look through the charts in the cards of the chain (how to, read below).

The second method is perfect and the most effective.

To set the goal for your session, it is enough to feel in your body and realize in your mind (it is less necessary) what you want to get rid of [what you have] or what you want to achieve [what you don’t have]: in other words, you just need to create a state associated with your task.

  • Concentrate for a few seconds on this state – this is the goal setting process.
  • This moment, shuffle the cards and choose a random one.
  • Build the cards chain (how to, see annex of the second part of the master-class). Yes, it takes you 2-3 minutes
  • Focus on the first card.
  • Read the card number and the name (not interpreting).
  • You also may (or you may not) read keywords written under each chart (not interpreting).
  • Go back again to your “problem state” to check whether you still feel it.
  • Look through the 1st chart in the 1st card of your chain and then for a few seconds go back to your “problem state” to check its intensity (not interpreting it). Do the same after viewing EACH CHART in EACH CARD of the chain.

To enhance the effect of your session, when viewing each chart, pay attention to segments, which coincide/ do not coincide with the Enneagram ‎Symbol (not pausing or interpreting). And remember that a Random Card will always be the First, and Card #1 will always be the Last One in ANY chain to view (how to, read below).


  • There’s no need for the Users of the EIC Model Digital [Online] Version to build cards chains as they are already pre-installed.

How to view the charts in any card.

There are 3 charts in each card: the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd.

  • The 1st chart (left) reflects perceived part of the situation (behavior or state)
  • The 2nd chart (middle) reflects unconscious part
  • The 3rd chart (right) reflects the situation as a whole, i.e. perceived part – 1st chart (what we understand and explain using words) and unconscious parts – 2nd chart, joined together by a “bridge” (in psychology, it is called “the conscious-unconscious interface”).

Order to view the charts in the card: start with the 1st, then the 2nd, then the 3rd chart.
The start and the end point to view any chart is the 1st digit of the chart’s code. ‎
For example, lets take chart ‎: 4-2-8-7.‎
There are 4 segments in this chart.‎
Each segment has its own name. Pronounce aloud the full name of each segment:‎ ‎four-two”, two-eight, “eight-seven, seven-four”‎.
Do the same while looking through any chart in any card of any chain.

Time to view: 1-1.5 minute for each chart, i.e. 2-3 minutes for each card.‎

Time to view any cards chain: 20 minutes.
It is exactly the time necessary in order to spread the information throughout the system, we usually call “Mind-Body”.
Maximum number of cards in a chain – 7. Minimum – 2.

So you set your mind to solve problem.
If you haven’t got the result immediately, then the solution will come later. Just keep on training.
You may create new cards chain to deal with the same “problem” in each 3 hours.
The headache may disappear at the 5th minute of the session, but in order to get rid of “migraine” (or other chronic disease), it is necessary to conduct 2-3 sessions a day (or two days) – in this case, the exact rhythm of your sessions is important.
Working regularly with the model cards you will set up your mind to good health and creativity.


  • How to build transition chains from any situation to “The Creativity” i.e. card #1 – basic standard, we talk in more detail in our master-classes (in Russian).
  • If you are already have the EIC model Printed Cards Set and you can’t (for any reason) take part in master-class, you can purchase Master-Classes Transcripts, written by co-author of the model. These texts describe in detail the rules how to use the Printed Version of the Enneagram – I-Ching Model”, and you may ask any question for sure.

The master-class consists of 3 parts. Topics of each part read here
Currently, the transcripts available in Russian and English.

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