Tips Against Covid-19

Linguistic and Visual Protection


Dear friends! Before the beginning of each new day and upcoming everyday activities, awaken your consciousness and harmonize your personal internal and external perceptions of the World with this simple exercise!
Take a look at each of these (or any other colors) in turn. How to! Look at the 1st color and while you look at it, say aloud any two prime numbers (from 1 to 9), for example 2 (and) 8, or 9 (and) 5, as if you are measuring something now. Repeat aloud your numbers 8-10 times. Now close your eyes, imagine (or pretend that you can imagine) the same color and repeat 8-10 times same numbers again. Now look at the 2nd color – do the same (the numbers for each next color must differ from the previous). Then look at the 3rd color, then the 4th, etc. You can also select your own picture with bright colors doing the same.
You will get the best effect when you look at the colors (as described above) of a real picture, i.e. not on the phone or computer screen.
You will wake up your mind, you will have a good mood, your immunity will strengthen, your ability to solve current daily activities/issues will be restored.
Be healthy and happy! Take care of yourself and your loved ones! Tell about and show them this simple exercise! Club Team.


All of us, we are experiencing exceptional times as COVID-19 spreads over the world. Our thoughts are with people who need extensive medical care and we wish them speedy and successful recovery. We also help everyone who takes all possible measures to protect themselves against the covid defeat. In this regard, we offer ADDITIONAL, simple and very effective LINGUISTIC PROTECTION: just from this very moment, start to pronounce the words “CROWN & VIRUS” SEPARATELY or use the word “CROWN” ONLY, both in conversations with other people and in your internal dialogue, which is more important. Why?
When you pronounce these words together (as one word) you create a dangerous situation, violating your own picture of the world and as a result you can’t make the right decisions.
We wish you Health and Well-Being! Club Team.

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